The Magnetic Mission

To develop engaging and influential leaders around the world, and to provide them with the communication tools they need to influence people and change their world.

We do this by breaking down the barriers, misconceptions, and fears that prevent people from being fully expressive.


We see professionals communicating naturally and effortlessly to groups at all levels.
This will open the doors for all professionals to move into leadership roles if they wish to, and to share their brilliant ideas without holding back.

And that’s the world we are creating!

The Magnetic Philosophy

We see public speaking as a natural and innate ability to all human beings.

MagneticSpeaking gives you the tools, skills, and feedback to make you stand out and shine among your peers every time you present. All trainings are hands-on, interactive, and incorporate on-the-spot individual coaching.

MagneticSpeaking – cutting edge training based on Acting and Neuroscience to get you Fast and Sustainable Results.

Peter Khoury public speaking philosophy
Public speaking is natural and innate

Cutting edge training based on Acting and Neuroscience to get you Fast and Sustainable Results

Update Your Skills Fast.

All MagneticSpeaking programs incorporate accelerated learning technology and neuroscience to help you learn faster and apply the skills sooner.

Have Fun While You Learn.

Get fresh, interactive, and up-to-date public speaking and presentation training that will keep you engaged throughout the training.

Build Up Your Charisma.

Learn the fundamentals, get individualized feedback and participate in acting exercises to bring out your natural charisma and comfort in front of any audience.

Take Your Career Next Level.

The practical tools you get from the training combined with your newfound confidence level will open up many career opportunities and choices for you.

The Magnetic Speaking Story

The Magnetic Speaking method was developed by founder Peter Khoury. Peter transformed himself from a shy, introverted pharmaceutical engineer afraid of public speaking to a national-level professional speaker in only two years.

He has been speaking for the past seven years and incorporates everything that helped him in his journey into the MagneticSpeaking trainings so that your journey becomes easier.

Founder Peter Khoury Magnetic Public Speaking Story
Magnetic Speaking method founder Peter