Magnetic BluePrint Online Course

Magnetic BluePrint Online Course


Get The Blueprint For Creating Stellar Presentations

Take Your Presentations To Next Level of Clarity, Focus, and Engagement

Stand out as a leader in your field and rely less on your PowerPoints by building your presentations using a proven structure.


After you take this training, you will be able to

  • Capture the attention of your listeners right from the start
  • Keep them engaged as you lead them through your points
  • Send them home with a clear and concise message

Magnetic Blueprint Online Course Modules

Set Persona And Goals

  • Laser focus your thoughts and your presentation to your audience and intentions


  • Organize your thoughts and ideas following a time-tested framework that makes you less reliant on your notes

Introduction Bucket

  • Capture your audience’s attention from the beginning by appealing to all learning styles

Main Content Buckets

  • Use a simple template called the “Bucket System” and notice your presentation emerge before your eyes, ready to be used.
  • “The Bucket System” helps you break your presentations into smaller, more manageable pieces that are easy for you to remember.
  • Make your presentations more valuable to listeners using left- and right-brain information modalities

Closing Bucket

  • Inspire your audience to action by using a four-step conclusion formula


  • Learn how to prepare for important presentations more quickly and with less stress