Magnetic Delivery Online Course

Magnetic Delivery Online Course


Captivate Your Audience Every Time You Speak

Master your delivery skills and ramp-up your confidence.

Surprise your colleagues the next time you present with your newfound speaking skills and confidence.


After you take this training, you will be able to…

  • Present like a pro by applying a simple and proven 6-step process every time you speak.
  • All the skills you learn throughout the course you can apply to your speaking immediately
  • You’ll experience fast improvements with accelerated learning methods.

Magnetic Delivery Online Course Modules


  • You’ll learn the 5 things you must always be aware of when it comes to public speaking
  • Learn to control your speaking anxiety and build your comfort level
  • Refresh on the fundamentals and go beyond

Take The Stage

  • Think on your feet with clarity and coherence
  • Learn how to take the stage with energy and certainty


  • Connect with your audience with proper eye contact to keep their attention
  • Learn the secrets to influence your audience


  • Engage your audience with 16 proven and tested techniques
  • Never have your audience zoning out during your presenations ever again!

All In

  • Know what to do with your hands and move them to captivate your audience
  • Modulate your voice to keep your listeners interested


  • Move on stage with purpose to make your points and use the space effectively